The Addington Police Office was formally known as the Halswell Community Police House. This house was set up as a community base following a criminal gang blowing up a police leased dwelling. The house was rebuilt and local volunteers responded to staff it. In 1994 the house was sold and the office transferred to its current site in Addington Mall.

General Info
Ten volunteers work half a day each week in the office, attending to the reception and telephone. They provide a link with the community assisting the Addington Community Constables so he can attend to matters in his area. The volunteers have a wide range of person skills, many serving with other community groups such as Victim Support, Samaritans etc.

New volunteers are always welcome in either role, in assisting Sydenham Police. Volunteer application forms are available from the Sydenham Police Station, 15 Stanley Street, or Addington Police Office, Addington Mall, 300 Lincoln Road.